Face visor with shock absorber


Face visor with shock absorber

High-quality protective visor for the face with a shock absorber and anti-fog coating, according to the EN 166-2001 standard, which ensures complete coverage and protection of the entire facial area.

The protective visor works effectively as a shield against many external hazards by preventing eye and face contact with harmful substances, including larger dust particles, splinters, sparks, drops and splashes of liquids, oil, blood, saliva, etc.

The protective visor is light and easy to use and protected with a dew coating. It is equipped with a special cushioning foam that allows you to work easier, less discomfort and more air flow.

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Face visor with shock absorber


  • Material: PET
  • Color: Transparent
  • Size: Universal


  • flexible
  • laundry
  • for reuse
  • protected by a visor anti-fog coating
  • offers a wide and sharp overview
  • elastic band to adjust the installation
  • soft foam in the forehead area
  • does not irritate or damage the skin
  • for greater protection, the visor is also compatible with goggles and a mask
  • lightweight, comfortable and easy to use
  • easy to clean and disinfect
  • protects against many hazards during work and other tasks
  • complies with European safety standard EN 166-2001

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