VIRKON® S professional anti-ACP disinfectant 10 kg


VIRKON® S professional anti-ACP disinfectant 10 kg


VIRKON® S Disinfectant with cleaning properties. Suitable for irrigation disinfectant carpets .

VIRKON® S shows bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal activity. The preparation is made in the form of a light pink powder, well soluble in lukewarm water. It does not have irritating properties in working concentrations, is not very toxic and does not cause allergic reactions. It can be used in the presence of animals. It does not damage disinfected surfaces and equipment. It is biodegradable in the environment. The application solutions are acidic (pH of 1% solution = 2.6).


Virkon is a disinfectant recommended for cleaning and disinfection:

  • floors, walls and equipment in empty livestock spaces;
  • disinfection of premises in the presence of animals (especially recommended for poultry and pigs);
  • disinfection of means of transport for animals;
  • decontamination of veterinary and zootechnical equipment of various metals, all types of plastics and rubber;
  • disinfection of hatching eggs.

Table of Virkon® S concentrations for surface disinfection:



Biocidal products should be used with caution. Read the label and product information before each use.



VIRKON® S professional anti-ACP disinfectant 10 kg

A professional tool Virkon® S it is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting livestock buildings, i.e. chicken coops, pigs, stables and stables. Virkon® S it is also used to disinfect equipment and means of transport for animals.

Convenient 10-pound package bucket-shaped is perfect for large and small livestock farms with subsequent use for various purposes.

A new generation broad-spectrum multicomponent disinfectant with a unique mode of operation that cleans and disinfects at the same time.

Virkon S – main features:

  • fight against bird flu virus – 1.0% solution – in 15 seconds
  • fight APK virus – 1.0% solution – in 30 seconds
  • completely biodegradable in water and CO2
  • excellent performance at low temperatures (+4 o C)
    • does not freeze to -10 o C after the addition of glycol
    • change the solution every 4 days or more often for carpets or dipping your feet in case of organic contamination

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Weight 10 kg

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