Ecocid® S safe and effective powder disinfectant 1 kg


Ecocid ® With safe and effective powder disinfectant 1 kg

Use in animal husbandry

Ecocid ® S used in particular for disinfection:

  • in farm systems and other animal accommodation facilities ;
  • means of transport, slaughterhouses, areas and premises at livestock fairs, food processing and storage facilities;
  • in veterinary clinics and laboratories (for disinfection of surfaces, equipment, containers, glass objects, etc., on which all viruses, Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungi must be safely and effectively destroyed).

Calculating the required amount of Ecocide ® S at different concentrations

Izračunavanje potrebne količine

The total area of the room, including the walls and ceiling, is calculated by multiplying the floor area by 2.5.


Manufacturer: Krka dd

Ingridients: a mixture of a peroxo compound, a surfactant, organic acids and an inorganic buffer

Volume: 1 kg

Security paper: Safety Data Sheet – Ecocid ® S

Performance tests performed: Ecocid S list

Instructions for use: Instructions for use – Ecocid ® S

Instructions for use – Ecocid ® S – Disinfection of housing


More information: Ecocid ® S


Ecocid® S is Krkino versatile highly active disinfectant in the form of a water-soluble powder. Enables safe and effective protection against viruses and against bacteria and fungi. Its effectiveness has been proven by tests in recognized European laboratories that comply with strict EU standards, and by practical by field testing , even in difficult conditions (low temperatures, pollution). It has also been approved by the UK Ministry of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the German Veterinary Association (DVG).

The product is in powder form and is easy to store. It’s in lukewarm water quickly soluble . The ingredients contained in the working solution are biodegradable, therefore they do not pollute the environment .

Ecocid ® S – A modern solution to protect against African swine fever

African swine fever is an extremely dangerous and contagious viral disease of pigs for which no vaccines in medicines . As it poses a serious threat to pig farming and causes devastating economic losses, it is extremely important that we protect ourselves properly. Consistent implementation is paramount to preventing the spread of the disease biosecurity measures , such as the prevention of contact with feral pigs, the restriction of the movement of persons in the stable and on the whole farm, the control of rodents, disinfection

To reduce the risk of introducing the APK virus into breeding, experts advise:

  • layout disinfection barriers pred entrances and exits from stables , also before entrances and exits from the farm ;
  • before entering the barn where the pigs are change clothes in change your shoes , as the APK virus can also be transmitted through clothing and footwear;
  • leave used shoes and clothes in the barn after finishing work and clean and disinfect them regularly;
  • regular cleaning and disinfection of stables, feed rooms, utensils and equipment used when working with animals;
  • restriction of movement of persons on the farm, and to those who have to enter the stables, explain disinfection rules and other biosafety rules measures and ensure that they are strictly observed (1).


VirusEcocid ® S was also tested for a highly virulent strain APK virus , which causes pig deaths across Europe. We tested it at an independent scientific institute in the Russian Federation in very demanding conditions, simulating real conditions at the outbreak of APK in the barn, and confirmed its effectiveness. Ob possible outbreak of APK in Slovenia, they should be used for reliable destruction of the virus in infected and endangered areas 3-% Ecocide solution ® S which should work at least 60 minutes . It has been proven that Ecocid ® S in such use 10 billion times (10 10 ) reduces the number of APK virus particles in 1 ml, which is necessary for complete and successful removal of the virus in the event of an outbreak (2). The load of the APK virus is extremely high – feces on contaminated surfaces (bloody diarrhea is one of the signs of APK) can contain up to 10 in 1 ml 9 viral particles (3).




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